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Streetart: Converse – “Just Add Color” (12 Pictures & Clip)

Written By puterablog1malaysia on Wednesday | 6:24 AM

Di bawah slogan'Just add Color ' di setiap tepi2 jalan di German.

"For decades, Converse and the Chuck Taylor All Star have reached markets beyond basketball, skateboarding and music. The recent ad campaign launched brands around Germany and discovers cities transformed by vibrant street art representative of Converses creative motif. "

**Kngsi kejyaan anda & menangi hadiah2 menrik brsama #DiGiWWWOW.
Penyertaan dibuka dari 25 March- 22 April.Rujk pd pautn u info lebih lanjut.

**So THIS is what happened to #Agent77 - it's getting so exciting! Check it out at AGENT7.7

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