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2014 BMW i8

Written By puterablog1malaysia on Sunday | 9:20 AM

Here is the spec and reviews of car 2014 BMW i8. With the advent of hybrid cars providean exciting opportunity with the car. This car will use a 3.0L engine capacity by using an electric motor and provides power to achieve 349 horses and 406 pound-feet of torque. The materials used to make the car by using carbon fiber that allows the car can drive up to a maximum of 250-350mil. Because the car is lighter then the speed of the car from 0-60mph is 4.6 seconds. Cars with electric power can drive with 22mil. In addition tomaterials using carbon fiber material that is lighter than usual, BMW i8 also laser displays light, which requires less power than LED lights. This laser light is guaranteed to besafe to use for the eyes. Cars can drive with the fuel that is from 94mil / gallon. With gas emissions to achieve 78mpg. It is clear that this car shows arodinamis style, and interesting. In terms of exterior of this car has many advantages. With ultra-sharp color scheme of black, blue, silver, doors and roof is transparent. The door is made to open up like scissors when they opened with together. This is a car created for the future, by using hybrid power to reduce air pollution in the future. In the interior especially the dashboard there looks like a pretty cool touch screen that can provide important information. By using hybrid-electric engine, this car probably will not come cheap, but will come with a very expensive price. With its quality runs on the streets and have environmentally friendly and sporty. This car will be launched in 2014. The price offered is around $ 350,000 – $ 400,000.

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