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Happy Birthday Bob!

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Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1945, at Rhoden Hall in St. Ann, Jamaica.

As a child, he lived at Nine Miles in St. Ann, but moved to Kingston with his mother while still in his early teens.
They lived in the Trench Town area and he attended several primary schools. Bob was sent to learn welding at the age of fifteen but gave this up for music, which he dearly loved.

In 1964 Bob teamed up with Neville Livingston (Bunny Wailer) and Winston McIntosh (Peter Tosh) to form the "Wailing Wailers".

The group experienced many difficulties and membership changes, but eventually settled and called themselves the "Wailers". They formed Tuff Gong Label in 1970, which marked a turning point in their career. Soon the Wailers' reputation had spread outside Jamaica.

After the breakdown of the group in 1974, Bob formed his own group "Bob Marley and the Wailers". His success was Phenomenal and he was acknowledged internationally as the world's best reggae music exponent.

At the peak of his career, and with many hits to his credit, Bob succumbed to cancer and died on May 11, 1981. Shortly before his death, the government of Jamaica awarded him the Order of Merit in recognition of his contribution to Jamaican music.

Bob Marley Will Always Be My Hero, Your Hero, Our Hero
Happy Bday Bob!

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