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How to Start Build your Own Template

Written By puterablog1malaysia on Thursday | 7:55 PM

Create a template is not easy. But if we do not want to try, then everything becomes more difficult. Learning certainly takes perseverance and hard work. The following are some tips from bloggers maps, how to start building a template, especially with the blogger platform.

First, you must be diligent in asking to anyone. if you're shy or embarrassed to ask, it will be very difficult for you to get started. No one can learn just by relying on their own thoughts and abilities. even if there is, it takes a long time.

Second, you should be more time for reading, especially to visit sites that provide tips and tricks on how to make templates. Mainly to study the structure css and html code. practice one by one, so that you are familiar with these codes.

Third, you should more often visit sites around the world. it allows you for more inspiration. Even you can make a site as the basis for your template design view. both in terms of structure columns, and in terms of coloring the template.

Finally, after you create a design template, ask a friend or anyone to provide input for you. This is very useful for you in making improvements before the template is completely finished and ready to be published. If you do not do this, then your satisfaction will only have itself, without considering how the views and opinions of others.

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